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What is Alpha?

Alpha is a free course that creates space for everyday people to participate in conversations about life, faith and God. Each session includes a video and a small group discussion where you will be able to explore the basics of Christian perspective, addressing questions like 'Who is Jesus?', 'How can I have faith?' and 'Does God heal today?'

What can I expect?


Alpha is a place where everyone has a chance to connect and get to know each other. Part of what makes Alpha special is the relationships you form with real people who are on a journey of discovery – just like you.

Alpha Video

The Alpha video is where a particular aspect of faith in Jesus will be explored. Each Alpha video is professionally put together and presented and was filmed in locations all over the world including a wide range of cultures and experiences.


The heart of Alpha is the discussion group. This is where there truly is no such thing as a ‘bad question’ and is where everyone’s perspective is respected and discussed. The Alpha Group is a pressure free environment and is designed to allow for investigation and enquiry.

Volunteer at Alpha

Alpha would not be able to happen without the help of an amazing team! Every year dozens of Alpha Team members come together with the goal of doing whatever they can to help people navigate their questions about God, life and meaning in an environment that is comfortable, meaningful and fun to be in. We are always looking for new people to join the Alpha Team. If you are interested, flick us a message! We’d love to chat.